Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Busy Busy Week

We are starting a new plan in our household: Monday and Thursdays (some of our busiest days) will be crock pot days. This week, however, we are just doing Tuesday, because of other plans that make things interesting.

This evening I was supposed to do a gift exchange with a few coworkers, and have dinner with them at the new Caribbean restaurant in town (which I love....and which is completely MSG free!). One person had a death in the family, and another was with his wife all day at the hospital because it seemed their baby might come early. Because of this, we ended up canceling the dinner and planning to exchange gifts later. I did not find that out until I got to work today, so Jeff and I decided that since I took a couple of extra hours that needed covering (and so was working until 7 PM instead of 5) that we would just get dinner from Gaby's anyway.

Tomorrow night my family is getting together to some some of the Aunts and Uncles who are going out of town can give the kids their presents, but we are just meeting up for dessert. Wednesday night is home group as usual, so Thursday and Friday are our first free nights of the week, and also our last. Saturday we head downstate to a wedding, and then to Jeff's mom's house, to do Christmas with his family there. So the plan is to do leftovers Thurs and Friday so there is nothing too perishable in the fridge when we leave for downstate. So this is a crazy busy week...I'm not even entirely sure where the time for making new Bee Beautiful orders is going to come from. So we ate out tonight, we have two days of cooking meals, and two days of leftovers, and two days of travel.

Monday - Ate out at Gaby's Caribbean Cuisine (I so love their food!)
To Do: Start Water Kefir & Dairy Kefir
(Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Lunch: Venison Burgers)

Tuesday - Venison stew in the crock pot / multigrain rolls (just basic meat/potatoes/carrots kind of thing)
To Do: Change Dairy Kefir
(Breakfast: granola & banana, Lunch: Company Christmas Luncheon)

Wednesday - Wild Rice & Chicken Soup, multigrain rolls
To Do: change Dairy Kefir & Water Kefir
(Breakfast - Kefir Smoothie & Soaked Oatmeal)

Thursday - Leftover Stew
To Do: Change Dairy Kefir
(Breakfast - Kefir Smoothie & soaked Oatmeal)

Friday - Leftover Soup
To Do: Change Dairy Kefir & Water Kefir
(Breakfast - Kefir Smoothie & soaked oatmeal)

Saturday Morning Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Sweet Potato Pancakes
Lunch & Dinner on the road

Sunday - Meals with Jeff's family

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