Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun at the Farmer's Market on my Birthday

I will start by telling you all that I totally forgot to take pictures again! Next week, though, I won't forget (I will put a reminder in my calendar on this nifty phone)!

So today is my real 29th birthday. On July 20, 1982 I entered the world singing and smiling (ok, probably not, but it sounds good, right?). I keep trying to tell everyone that every birthday from here on out can also be my 29th birthday, but so far the only takers are my friends who are also turning 29 this year. Oh, well!

I did get some good news today, though. We went to the Mulberry Street Market in Macon, today, which is going to be a weekly trend for its duration. There was a basket being raffled off, with contributions from many of the local vendors. Though I never, ever seem to win anything, Jeff snagged a ticket for me and -- lo and behold -- I won! This amazing basket contained three different kinds of peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, basil, sage, lavender, tomatoes, a jar of salsa, ground habaƱero (dried, of course), okra, two kinds of eggplant, a sweet potato, peanuts, and baked goods, including a small round loaf of sourdough bread. Hidden among the produce a coupon for a free drink at Jittery Joes stayed safely tucked away, where I stumbled upon it while unpacking our wares at home. All of the produce was local. All of it organic. Definitely worth the few dollars we paid for 2 tickets. Really. $3.00.

As of next week I will be selling a small sampling of my Bee Beautiful products; namely the bug repellent and deodorant. I am so excited about the fun we have, the friends we have made there, and the really incredible food we have found there!
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Can Post From My Phone!

Not that I adore typing lengthy posts from my teeny tiny slideout keyboard...but the main detriment to frequent posts, of late, has been that Tether quit working on my laptop.

Today, after weeks of blogless living, I suddenly realized there MUST be a mobile app that could come to my aid. Smart girl, right?

I will now be much more vigilant about keeping up my blogs!

Today we went to the Wesleyan Farmers Market, and had a lovely time. We met Kim & Kimberly from Beans Farm, and finally made some friends in our area with common interests (not just gardens and chickens...but MUSIC!). We also met Dave from D&A farm, right here in our town!

There was no meat at this market, but I was happy to learn that Greendale Farm vends not just in Athens, but on Wednesdays at a market closer to us.

So, all in all, it was a great day today; despite the fact that I did not want to get out of bed this morning (Who could blame me? Joshua is congested from a teething cold, and I got no sleep last night because of it!). I am signing off and taking a har-earned nap!
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