Saturday, February 21, 2009

Overslept - but still feeling productive!

I was supposed to wake up at 7 this morning...I did, just to briefly turn off our yogurt maker and stick the yogurt in the fridge, but then I went back to bed "just for 30 more minutes," and woke up at 9:oo! apparently I was more tired than I knew.

I have a lot on my plate this morning, but I've gotten so much done that I decided on a small break for blogging. At 9 I immediately set about the task of turning my yogurt into cream cheese. I found this very interesting blog from a woman on the west coast who is doing many of the same projects I am. She is, it would seem, just a year or so ahead of me, and so I have turned her into my dairy resource. I get the benefit of reading about what she liked and disliked as for results and it saves me a lot of trial and error :) Her blog covers a wide range of topics, but I linked the cultured dairy page. I pretty much just read from her dairy and natural foods entries. But I digress.

So I started with getting the yogurt-to-cream cheese going and after a quick breakfast (homemade bread toasted, with Nutella. Mmmmm) got started on de-cluttering the living room. We have a small apartment so it is tough to keep the one central area de-cluttered. But that is the first phase in scrubbing our apartment from top to bottom this weekend. Monday is apartment inspection time, which means that aside from being clean, things have to be super-clean.

I try, when setting about a huge task, to allow my A.D.D. some room in the process. It can be pretty exhausting for me to try force my thoughts into a more focused place for a long time, so if I do it the way it comes naturally, I find I get a lot more done. One of the best lessons I've learned in recent years is that I do NOT have to do things the way that "all the others" do them. Anyway, that is the main reason for a blogging break, and also the reason for another interesting phenomenon...

"De-cluttering" the living room is only about half-done. The upstairs bathroom, on the other hand, is sparkling, and I have TWO loads of laundry going, and have started the downstairs bathroom. The kitchen I'm leaving for later. If I put away all the clean dishes, and rinse and stack the dirty ones, I know my wonderful husband will wash the dishes while I am away at the NEXT thing on my agenda.

I am going to talk to a new friend of mine about BEESWAX! Mostly, I want to look at all kinds of skin care remedies that I can make at home (including those involving beeswax), and this IS the lady to talk to. Not onlyis she unafraid of experimenting with recipes, she already has several tried and true ones set in place. I go to get ideas.

Jeff may have a new job soon, and while initially I was really bummed out to find that it would take up his Saturdays, at the moment I'm realizing that I can use my Saturdays for a number of things such as getting caught up on housework, studying Scripture and writing / songwriting out of that time, spending more time in intercession. I have been really feeling God pressing me that He has some things in store for Jeff and I that are really great, but will definitely require our being ready. I'm excited about that, but this is all I'm going to say on it for now. My primary problem in following God's will is that I start trying to get three steps ahead of Him and figuring out where He's going. This blog could easily become a vehicle for that if I let it, and that is not what I want. I will say I feel pressed to invest myself on all fronts: sermons, songs, and intercession.

I have gotten so much done in just 2 ish hours of work....and that makes me very happy. There is, however, a lot more to do! Bye for now!

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