Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to "Normal" Life

Shortly after my New Year's Res / Menu Planning Post, things went kind of crazy here. DH had to return our rental car down 4 hours south of us where his mother lives, and then was gone for several days helping friends of ours paint their new house and get it ready for their move. Our friends have just moved to Kentucky, so when he helped with the painting he was out of state. I ate meals with other people (who likes cooking for one?) and spent time with friends I don't usually get time for; so there was no menu plan for that week.

The very next week we were out of town on business. I do not like to eat out all the time, and our suite did have a full kitchen, so we ate two or three meals at home, but I felt it was hardly enough to lay out a menu plan. And then this week as we returned from that trip we were so jet lagged and exhausted that we threw together simple meals or ate out.

Finally, we are back home, and getting settled in here, and I have laid out already the menu plan for this week (which I will post tomorrow).

As for the rest of my New Year's Resolutions:
1) I have already lost 3 lbs since the beginning of the new year (about a pound a week). I may post a bit more about how I have been doing that for Real Food Wednesday.
2) I have spent time getting things reorganized in the time Jeff was gone two weeks ago. However, things got a bit disorganized in our packing for / returning from my business trip. I'm hitting things all over again starting tomorrow.

3) and the most important one...

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in the word, making time for Scripture reading in my daily life. I am currently reading through the One Year Bible, but I am finding that - when I have completed the chapters for the day - I want to read more. That kind of hunger for the Word (instead of internal pressure to do "what I should") is an amazing blessing. God has been teaching me a lot as I have been learning to give Him my time.

The reading, paired with a desire to exercise in the giftings God has given me, led to my creating another blog linked to this one. Ezekiel's Valley is where I am writing about whatever things God lays on my heart, whether from Scripture reading from that day or hearing a sermon, or anything else along those lines. Check in, I will be writing frequently.

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