Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Week Menu Plan

Hey Everyone!!

Last week had some switches: Jeff was sick on Santa Fe Soup night, so we did breakfast for dinner instead (nothing like scrambled eggs and toast when you're not feeling well!). Also, tax refund = night out, we went to our favorite little Haitian restaurant here in town. I had the Oxtail with Fried Plantains....mmmmmm! We're "take two"ing the Santa Fe soup into Santa Fe Chicken (also a la Jeff as before).

Monday - Tilapia Sauteed in Butter w/Lemon & Lime Juice, brown rice and steamed green beans.

My recipe was pretty easy: Melt (copious amounts of) butter in a frying pan, add garlic, salt, and pepper to your preference (we like a lot of garlic in our house). Place thawed Tilapia fillets in the butter, squeeze the juice of one lime quarter and one lemon quarter over fillets. Turn fillets carefully (they get more fragile as they cook), and squeeze 1/4 lemon and lime over other side. I used a small skillet and so only cooked two at a time, so I would use half a lemon and lime (all together) for every 2 fillets being cooked.

Tuesday - Spaghetti, whole grain garlic bread

Wednesday - Breakfast for Dinner: Sweet Potato Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon

Thursday - Stirfry

Friday - Santa Fe Chicken

Saturday - In Greenville for Valentine's Day (Dinner out)

Sunday - Venison Steaks, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Veggies

For more great menu plans, visit Org Junkie!

Sorry I have not been posting here as much. I have started writing more devotional-themed blogs at Ezekiel's Valley (my other blog). Check those out!!


  1. Great recpies. Santa Fe Chicken, mmmmmm sounds great. Do you give the recipes, too? I am always on the lookout for chicken recipes.

  2. I post the recipes if it is something new or I haven't linked to it. This recipe was my husbands idea, so I'll post the recipe Friday or Saturday after he cooks it. When he says "Santa Fe Chicken," I'm envisioning something that includes black beans and corn, but I will know when he surprises me if that was a good guess or not.