Sunday, August 15, 2010

Menu Plan August 16

Last week we had a menu plan, but did not keep to it very well.  Between dh injuring his back and me being bowled over by the exhaustion that the third trimester suddenly brought back to the fore, I was not prepared for all the changes in our schedule last week.  This week I am a little more focused, because weeks where we do not keep to the plan really remind me how much planning helps!  I have a plan in place for meal prep, and that is going to make things much easier.

No crazy events this week, it is pretty typical.  I have a friend coming over Monday to help me start getting the baby room organized.  With 9 1/2 weeks to go I definitely need to get that together ASAP, so I am very grateful for her help.  Other than our weekly Bible study on Wednesday, it should be a fairly low key week!

Monday - Barley Burgers, steamed veggies

Tuesday - Roast Chicken (a la Jeff)

Wednesday - California Salad (with Chicken left over from the roast)

Thursday - Spaghetti & Steamed Veggies

Friday - Pizza (with homemade whole wheat crust!)

Saturday - Pork Tenderloin (a la Jeff, again)

Sunday - Breakfast for Dinner

This post is part of Menu Plan Monday!  See Org Junkie for more great menus :)

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