Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Figuring This Out - Menu Plan March 21

So, last week was not a total bust, but I probably only did half of my planned meals. It was not a lack of desire, but it was my first week juggling care for our new chicks (we have 81!), care for the full grown chickens, of course taking care of my darling son, and trying to take care of the house and pack.  I did, as a matter of fact, get some packing done, though there is certainly more to do!  This week, however, I plan to be much more proactive in all of this.  I hate last minute scrambling to get a meal made (especially when it means I am eating dinner around 8:00 at night), or eating junk because it is quicker.  Ok, ok, the "junk" we have around is a lot healthier than "quick foods" that I used to eat, but it is still not the best I could be giving myself (and by proxy, my Joshua).

I started this last week by making to-do lists, and surprising myself with how much I got done. Now that I can make to-do lists on my phone with an app from Cozi, I am not as prone to lose the lists I make!

This week I am going to kick it up a notch by actually planning what time I need to get those things done, and see if that helps me to make the preparations I need to in order to stick to my menu plan. Any women out there whose husbands have had to be away for a time (military, traveling for work, whatever) who have tips on how to keep motivated and get rest...comment away.  

There are some repeats here, carried over from last week because I did not do them, or because I did not do them while Jeff was home.  This week I am cooking for both of us today through Wednesday, and myself the rest of the week.

Monday - Grilled Chicken Salad
Tuesday - Barley Burgers / Salad
Wednesday - Pork & Cranberry Stew (didn't do this last week because the weather ended up being much warmer than the forecast indicated, and I didn't feel like eating a stew in such warm weather)
Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner (Waffles, Bacon, Eggs)
Friday - Leftovers (probably burgers, there are always plenty left over)
Saturday - Pizza
Sunday - Leftovers (probably stew)

This post is a part of Menu Plan Monday.  For more great posts, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie!


  1. We love breakfast for dinner- as far as for when your partner is away, I lived that way for years- what kept me on task was I lived in fear someone would drop by and everything wouldn't be perfect. I am much more relaxed now, lol.

    Make things easy on yourself when it all falls on you, break things into small tasks and work on the next one and reward yourself (I love to read so I used to give myself one chapter for every *whatever I was working on* as I finished it.)

  2. Oooh, the reading reward sounds like a great plan! Thanks for the tip :) I was pretty proud of myself yesterday, I finished at least *something* from each thing on my to-do list, even if I didn't finish the whole task.

    I love breakfast for dinner, but my husband isn't quite as devoted to the concept as I am, so when he's away I know it has to go in the meal plan!