Saturday, January 24, 2009

To-Do List

Today has been a busy day. I am learning how to organize my space better. Spent the day so far with my husband swinging back and forth from food project to cleaning project (and cleaning along the way). It's been really good, but it has required sooooo much focus (I have A.D.D.). I think I'll sleep well tonight from the efforts.

Now, the to-do list is actually a lot more fun.

These are just projects I want to do or goals I (or we, Jeff and I) have. In no particular order:

1. Bake with fresh ground wheat (done, and also an ongoing process. It's been a fun experiment, seeing what does and doesn't work).

2. Make homemade cheese.

3. Make homemade butter. (Just did this today! The idea is to use fresh (aka raw) milk to make as many of the typical dairy products as I can, so that Jeff can eat them without getting sick. We recently found that while he is allergic to pasteurized dairy, he can drink raw milk without any side effects.

4. Homestead - this is more of a long term goal. We are looking for property where we can homestead and be as self-sustaining as we can. We're talking bio-diesel generator run electricity, goats for milk and meat, a few chickens, and a huge garden. Pray for us...that we can find good land for a gooooood price.

5. Spend an hour every Wednesday writing out my music. Little by little :)

6. Work out daily (like the above, this is an ongoing plan). Just trying to be healthier overall, be sick less, have more energy, feel better :)

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