Friday, January 30, 2009

Turning over a new Leaf

Striving for consistency. Today I hit the gym for the first time in several months, and it felt sooooo good to be working out. It made me think about some things. As I was there with my friend Jess on the elliptical machines, we were discussing how ironic it is that working out feels so good. Because, when we think about working out at any other time, it's like, " I have to?" But when you get into a rhythm, and you're feeling suddenly energetic, it's incredible.

It got me thinking...maybe there's a spiritual application to all of this.

I've been listening to digital text for The Necessity of Prayer by EM Bounds. Chapter 4 is all about desire being necessary for fervent prayer, and it seems to correlate directly to this concept. Before you have the desire to pray, you need to ask for it, but once you get into a habit of prayer, desire multiplies.

Good stuff.

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