Sunday, April 12, 2009

Delicious Breakfast!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Lately I'd been reading a lot about the benefits of soaking grains before using them. I first read about it at the blog I linked just there, and I started doing some research. Wheat (and many other grains) contain something called phytic acid. When phytic acid binds with iron (and other minerals found in grains and in our daily diet) in your intestines, and that process actually prevents the absorption of several key vitamins and minerals in the grain.

It seemed like it might be a lot of work, but at the same time I began to think. Jeff and I do a lot of things to improve the health of our foods, one of them grinding wheat. Well, if we're putting all this effort into grinding our own wheat and it is only half the picture, then why put even that effort into it at all.

Well, I thought I had better at least give it a try, so I decided to try it first on the doughnut recipe I use. My thought was, even though they are doughnuts (for crying out loud), if I'm going to bother making them with wheat, I should definitely squeeze every ounce of nutrition out of them that I can. I had really been wanting to make some doughnuts up for us in time for Easter, so yesterday I set to work. Wheat needs to soak for 12-24 hours. Since I use the soft white (summer) wheat for more pastry-like things (and quickbreads and such), and it is not as coarse as the Hard Red (winter) wheat, I decided on 12 hours. I added a Tablespoon of plain (live-culture) yogurt to the flour, milk, and oil all mixed together. Sealed it with plastic, and set about the rest of my day!

I got a lot done for Bee Beautiful, making up some soap, the hand protector, and the new body lotion. Imagine my excitement this morning to find them both on the front page of etsy search results for "Body Lotion," just this morning! I'll be posting the new product update from the Bee Beautiful Blog shortly. I also got an Easter basked put together for the husby and I.

12 hours later I was unsealed my dough and got to it. mixed in the rest of the ingredients, and refrigerated the dough as per instructions. I pulled out the refrigerated dough this morning, and rolled and cut out the doughnuts while I was waiting for the wok to heat up. I also mixed together some confectionner's sugar (I know...I put turbinado in the doughnuts, but I really don't know any way to make icing but with confectionner's sugar), cocoa, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of milk to make a chocolate icing with just a hint of cinnamon flavor. Dipped the finished doughnuts in icing, and then devoured them. Well, ok, we ate them with a couple hard-boiled eggs (but not dyed...turns out there is not quite as much time in one day as I thought!).

They tasted incredible, and if I've just increased their nutrition by soaking them, then fantastic. :) I can eat a few more than normal (haha).

Seriously, though, it made for a very pleasant Easter morning with my husband, who was quite pleased with breakfast :)

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