Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finding New Friends

Jeff and I are now looking at a house with a few acres, hoping to finally get our start to a small homestead. We won't know if we can actually buy it for a week or two, but it's got me hoping. It's beautiful, ready to move into. 2 bedrooms, full bath, dining room, living room, kitchen (as opposed to our "galley") with a pantry, garage, laundry room. The upstairs is semi-finished to be 3 bedrooms (or a large room and a small room), and a full master bath suite. Semi-finished does mean just that, but Jeff really wanted a house we could work on (invest something into, you know?).

It sits on three acres, enough room for some fruit trees / gardens, and a handful of chickens and goats (although we are also contemplating sharing a cow with someone, instead of goats. I love fresh goats milk, but I'm not as big of a fan of its taste post-heating, which we would need to do to make cheese).

I know that all of that is a process, having grown up on a small farm myself (gotta love the Adirondacks!). But the idea of finally getting that process started is so exhilarating :) I cannot wait to stop feeling like our apartment is too small for the way we want to live!

In Other News:

I've been searching all over the blogosphere tonight, looking for bloggers with similar interests, people who are blogging about some of the same lifestyle choices (healthy eating, Godly living, frugal purchasing, etc.) I think I've found some very helpful resources, and I've added them (either to blogs I follow, or to my links). Here's to new friendships!

I added a new product to the Bee Beautiful line, before even adding some of the already listed items to the website. I have a friend who has troubled skin, even more so in her recent (though not her first) pregnancy, and wanted me to make her a facial toner. For those who don't know, a toner is a step in face care between cleansing and moisturizing. Toning has three purposes: 1) to pick up traces of dirt or make up (or even cleanser, if you use a creamy cleanser) that your cleanser may have left behind. 2) to eliminate bacteria in blemishes / dry out blemishes (without drying out all of your skin). and finally 3) To prepare your skin to receive moisture. Most toners contain glycerin, which is a humectant. In simple terms, a humectant helps skin and hair hold and attract moisture.

This toner is based in witch hazel, as opposed to isopropyl alcohol (less drying to your skin). I've also included Aloe Vera juice, to soothe, and Tea Tree Oil and Lavender to treat the blemishes. As a preservative, I've employed citric acid, which is not only natural, but also good for your skin. So, basically, My Gentle Tea Tree Facial Toner is completely paraben free, no harsh chemicals, and no petroleum derivatives.

This combination of moisturizing and anti-blemish ingredients is very specifically purposed. Many people have blemish prone skin that is also sensitive, and most acne products are not good for sensitive skin. The idea behind this product is to treat blemishes, but preserve the overall health of the skin as a whole, particularly for those whose skin is more sensitive.


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