Monday, May 4, 2009

Meal Planning Monday

This weekend I was away at a trade show for work (KBIS), so meal planning for this week was of course a crazy task. Then this weekend we are going to Jeff's mom's for Mother's Day, so of course there is more busy-ness in the works, but much more relaxing then a work weekend, to be sure. Don't get me wrong, the trade show was fantastic; but it was indeed work.

So this week our Monday dinner was dinner out, amidst the getting of some of our groceries. The following Meal Plan is actually Tuesday through Sunday, then.

Tuesday - Breakfast is granola and a hard-boiled egg. Lunch is Leftover Lasagna. Dinner is Jeff's Treat (I love my husband); he'll be making us Stir-Fry :)

Wednesday - Breakfast is the same, granola and a hard boiled egg. Lunch will be leftover Stir Fry, and Dinner is a new recipe I'm trying for Sweet Potato Burritos!

Thursday - Breakfast will be soaked Oatmeal Breakfast and a hard boiled egg, and lunch will be leftover Burritos! Dinner will be one of my favorites from when we were first married, these incredible Spinach and Feta Muffins with Bacon. We use turkey bacon, of course, and whole grain (sprouted) soft white flour.

Friday - Breakfast is granola and a hard boiled egg, Lunch will be any leftovers from the week. We have a double date with another couple, so dinner will be out.

Saturday - Breakfast will be whole grain pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Lunch will be sandwiches, and Dinner will be homemade Pizza.

Saturday evening we're leaving for Jeff's mom's house, I'll be bringing breakfast (granola) with us. Lunch is barbecue with the family, followed by a Mother's Day Dinner at O'Charleys.

Not really having gotten a weekend, I'm a little worn out, so I'm ending this here. I'm really looking forward to this week, busy as it will be. Hope that all of you have a wonderful week as well!

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