Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So, a few of last weeks meals get to be recycled, because - true to form - a lot of last week got switched up. Don't get me wrong, it got switched up in very good way. We went out for a potluck type dinner with several friends for the evening of the 4th, went to the fireworks on Thursday and needed a quicker dinner, etc.

Today was pretty amazing. Work was good (and also really flew by. I got a lot of work done, and I felt very good about what I accomplished.

Headed to the prayer room for some alone time with God this evening after work, and that was a pretty fantastic time. I have struggled often with knowing exactly how to draw near to God in that place of intimacy that sometimes comes so easily. But today it was like God just (lovingly) wopped me upside the head, and I realized that many of those other times, God had given me some sort of song. Something that particularly spoke to what was going on in that moment in my walk with God. And so tonight in the prayer room, I prayed of course, but I did much of it in song. I just sang to Him anything that came to mind that reflected the state of my heart (or where I wanted my heart to be), and spent time between songs listening. It was really beautiful. And it was some of the most incredible time I've had in the prayer room in the last year.

OK, without further adue, here is the menu plan for this week.

Monday (happened already)
Breakfast - Kefir smoothie
Lunch - Grits and eggs
Dinner - Chicken sauteed with garlic, mashed sweet potatoes (mmmm), and steamed spinach.

Breakfast - Kefir Smoothie / Soaked whole wheat banana muffins (just soaked my usual banana bread recipe, and added the egg, baking powder/soda, and banana this evening before popping them in the oven)
Lunch - Salads / sandwiches
Dinner - Breakfast for dinner (my favorite!!) soaked whole wheat and banana pancakes (again, just put everything except leavening ingredients together w/ 1 T kefir last night, added all the leavening today & refrigerated), bacon

To Do: soak pancake batter (done), bake bread for sandwiches(in the oven now)

Breakfast - Kefir Smoothie / Soaked whole wheat banana muffins
Lunch - sandwiches, salad
Dinner - barley burgers

To Do: Soak Barley (wednesday morning)

Breakfast - (you guessed it) Kefir smoothies (breakfast of champions) if there are still muffins left over, we'll have those too.
Lunch - leftover Barley Burgers
Dinner - spaghetti -just for my husband (special request :-P), whole wheat garlic bread (mmmm)

To Do: Make Spaghetti Sauce (Wenesday night - I like it better when it sits for a day in the fridge)

Breakfast - We love our kefir! Granola, too
Lunch - sandwiches
Dinner - I'm on my own...probably leftover barley burgers. The recipe makes like 8 and there are only 2 of us!

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Bacon, whole wheat toast
Lunch - Carrots & Celery, Grilled PB & Banana, Kefir
Dinner - Leftover spaghetti & more whole wheat garlic bread

Sunday - Warner Robbins for the day
Meals with Mom Buller
EARLY Breakfast of kefir smoothie (definitely the only thing I can eat before 6 in the morning)

Next week's meal planning is nuts. There is Monday, and that is all. Tuesday morning early we leave for Vegas for my business trip. I'm really excited about going. I'll get to see some family I haven't seen in ages, spend some quality time with the husby, and of course meet and greet customers I have thus far only known by phone while I'm on the tradeshow floor. It'll be a good trip, and we'll be gone until Sunday night. All our meals will be at the Imperial Palace buffet, so I'm not sure what kind of good healthy options they'll have. I am, however, going to pack 2 big bags of homemade granola in my suitcase, and buy kefir while I'm there. I'd love to just buy raw milk and make kefir in my room, but I'm going to have to settle for pasteurized. I tried to make contact with a dairy out there, but didn't get any feedback. At least I'll have my probiotics, though! (I'm really trying to think positively on the digestive front.)

I really want to go see Food, Inc., but it is not in our area for very long, and Atlanta is a long drive for a week night (couldn't make it over the weekend.) It'll be in Asheville, NC on the 17 of July, which is the closest it gets to us once it leaves ATL, but we'll be in Vegas.

Then I come back to my BIRTHDAY WEEK! My Birthday is Monday, July 20th. Sooooo exciting! I'm turning 27, and I'm actually starting to feel like an adult these days, so I'm kind of excited about that.

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