Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Just when I had started to get in a good rhythm, last week pretty much disrupted all of that. I had finally gotten things cleaned to a point of easy maintenance, and gotten into a schedule of meal planning and food preparation. Last week, though, with traveling all the way down to Atlanta (for AI auditions) 2 days last week made everything here difficult. 2 days does not seem like much, but when you break it down, particularly with the hours, it really changed things. Tuesday we had to wake up at 2 AM in order to leave the house by 3 and get down to the Georgia Dome by 5:30. Then, after our trip back, I was heat exhausted (as well as just exhausted in general). After getting PLENTY to drink, I slept from 6 PM until 6:30 the next morning when I had to get up for work! Then, to make up for some of my time, I worked until 7 PM and then went straight to home group, then came home and packed a bag, and headed to my friend Tiffany's for the night. Tiffany lives much closer to ATL than I, so I knew I would get more sleep going to bed at 11 and waking at 3 than I would waking at 2 to leave here. Then, after another long hot day in ATL and then getting lost twice (I am typically very good with directions, but it seems no one was in a good mood on Thursday, and I got squeezed off of the interstate twice in a row because I couldn't get over in time), by the time I got home I was worn out again, and slept from 6-9, and then from 11 till the next morning. So, really, the three days I use the most to get stuff done (tues-thurs) were taken up, and by the time Friday rolled around I was so very out of rhythm.

So last night and tonight I had a pretty laid back evening, but also tried to get back into the swing of things some. Last night I made our latest batch of laundry detergent, and got some oats soaking for soaked oatmeal breakfast this morning. Tonight I made granola for the next few breakfasts, put away dishes (that Jeff so lovingly did!), started some sour cream straining (from some over-fermented kefir), and did some more dishes. Tomorrow I have my early day, so I'll have the afternoon to get more things cleaned up and get a few other things accomplished.

We're trying to move (although that seems to be more complicated than we had hoped), so I am wary of doing any of the processes that take much longer, such as soaking my grains pre-milling. I can do any of the soaking I usually do with freshly milled flour to make things, but I'm not able to do much in the way of having pre-soaked dry flour around. That's a little frustrating. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll know exactly where we'll be living and when, and I can get those things taken care of.

With three weeks left until our tradeshow trip to Vegas, I am left wondering how deep into our typical rhythm it is worth it to get, but knowing we won't get a lot of nourishing foods in Vegas (the way we're used to eating), it is definitely worthwhile to get the full benefit of the resources we have at our disposal now. I wonder how much granola I can pack away in my carry-on bag (haha)? I certainly know I can't bring any kefir...but maybe I can get ahold of some raw milk out there to keep in our hotel room. That's half a joke, but now I'm thinking I should take a look.

Well, that's today. I'm glad to be picking up a little bit and getting back into things, even if it does seem semi-futile. Life tastes better that way.

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