Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Starter Culture giveaway at Cheeseslave

Hey there! I just wanted to post really quick about a giveaway on a blog I started to read recently. you can head on over to to enter a giveaway for starter cultures.

The one of the three that interests me most is the I haven't tried it yet at all. I have been reading, recently, on some of the health benefits of it, but I don't know anyone locally who makes it (which, of course, makes it hard to try).

Yogurt making has been great, and has definitely increased the amount of calcium I have in my diet. Recently I've been "experimenting" with "Raw" yogurt, since my typical yogurt making method gets the milk up to a temperature of 190 first. Having raw milk on a regular basis has made small amounts of pasteurized dairy more doable for Jeff, but still I'm trying to decrease the pasteurized dairy, since you get more calcium out of the raw. I have to strain the raw yogurt to get it to the right thickness, but since the whey is so useful I don't really mind that so much. Basically, I do everything the same as when I'm making pasteurized yogurt, except that I only heat the milk to 110 degrees. It's a huge time-saver, too, because then I'm not heating it to 190 just to cool it down to 110 to add the culture and put it in the yogurt maker.

And while I have been learning about soaking my bread dough (basically fermenting it), I haven't experimented with sourdough at all, so that would definitely be interesting.

Anyway, head on over and enter, too. What would you do with these starter cultures??

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