Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Day :)

Today was a very satisfying day. I had a great workout with my friend KT this morning, and she asked how things were coming on the new house (which has needed some major cleaning before we officially move in), and then offered to come with me after work today to get some cleaning done. While trying to figure out the details (seeing if I could get Jeff to make dinner and when we would eat it) she said, "You know what, I'm putting a shepherds pie in the oven tonight, anyway, you guys should join us for dinner!"

I was so completely grateful. Not only did she help me scrub the fairly grungy walls (thanks to the former tenants), sweep and mop the floors, and such; but she also gave us the gift of hospitality, having us over and feeding us a delicious dinner!

I don't except help very readily. Partly because of the way my mind works when I approach a problem or task (something about my method makes it very hard for me to clue others in on what I'm doing and what help I need), and partly because I don't like feeling like a burden. But it was very refreshing to allow some help and get some work done. There's still a lot to be done, but I plan on getting it done Saturday. Then we'll get some of the major things moved in: Washer & Dryer, among other things.

We have a new addition coming to our family. We are adopting Joy, an American Bulldog from a kennel in central GA. I am so excited. My family has always kept large dogs, and I want our kids - when we have them - to have the opportunity to grow up with the love of a pet. Also, she's a beautiful dog! I can't wait to share pics when we pick her up!

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