Saturday, August 1, 2009

Exciting News!!

Early this morning at 8 AM, Jeff and I signed the lease on a house! We are finally going to be able to have people over, have the room we need to keep up with everything I want to be doing in the kitchen, making our own laundry soap, etc.

An added bonus is that the back yard is ginormous, and we have landlady approval do have a good sized garden! So what I need now is lots of Georgia winter gardening tips, because of course the garden won't be getting started until probably September.

We have this whole month to move, which I am really grateful for, because it will give us time to organize things as we move them without getting overwhelmed. I've never had so much time to move before...the focus is always getting everything out of the one residence and into another, and then when it is all in there, there is hardly any room to get a real organizational structure in place. This way I'll be able to organize things as they get moved in, so we won't have a room full of things that have no home, and no hope of future organization. I am really excited about an opportunity to move at a steady pace, with no mad rush to the finish line!

Now I'm off to Swag Search winter gardening in GA. If you've tried to join Swag Bucks with the widget at the bottom of the page, I think it's broken. However, you can join under me at this referral link. I know it is going to take a LONG time, but I'm trying to earn airline miles so that visiting my parents back home in NY is more financially feasible! Your joining helps me out! Thanks :)

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