Monday, August 17, 2009

New Cultures For Health Giveaway!!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop is giving away 3 starter cultures from Cultures for Health.

I have ordered from their site, and am hoping for an opportunity to try their water kefir grains and kombucha starter. Jeff has apparently tried kombucha before and really liked it, and since it is also so good for you, to boot, I'm really looking forward to trying it.

You can enter the giveaway here.

Recently I got to experience the benefits of something else I read on Kelly's blog, and then I followed her over to Cheeseslave, where I read more of the same. Basically, I read that consistently taking Cod Liver Oil can prevent sunburn. My guess is that it would take a full skin cell renewal cycle (4 weeks) for it to be completely effective at completely preventing sunburn, but here's my little story:

Saturday when Jeff and I took a trip downstate, we had hours of driving logged in a single day. Jeff was driving, so of course I had only one arm ever in the sunlight. And I wasn't paying any attention to just how long it was out the window, until my skin felt hot and tight and itchy, and I looked to see that my arm was bright red. I didn't blister, but I was appalled at just how red my arm was. Typically that is something that takes 3 days for me until it fades to a tan. However...

Sunday morning I awoke to find my arm lightly tanned. WHAT?? That's right. The only thing I've changed is that I've been taking fermented cod liver oil non-gelatin capsules for about a week and a half. My burn mysteriously faded overnight. I'll keep it up for lots of reasons, not just the internal sunscreen. For one, it is high in Vitamins A & D - having as much as 90% of your DRV of vitamin D. It also has important fatty acids that are hard to get, and is a great natural source of DHA (as opposed to taking vitamins or eating foods that have DHA added to them). But in any case, I was very excited to witness the vanishing burn fade into obscurity.

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