Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

With so much going on lately regarding trying to get moved into the house, I kind of temporarily gave up on meal planning, just until the chaos calmed a little. I have realized that not knowing what is for dinner only adds to the chaos. But, for this week, to smooth out the transition back into a menu-planned-life, I'm only listing the dinners.

Monday - Beef Stroganoff

Tuesday - Barley Burgers
To Do: Soak Barley in the morning

Wednesday - Church Spaghetti Dinner

Thursday - Sauteed Chicken (with blueberry barbecue sauce), Veggies, multi-grain rolls
To Do: Pull chicken out of freezer to defrost.

Friday - Leftover Stroganoff

Saturday - Breakfast for Dinner: Whole grain waffles, scrambled eggs (w/Provolone cheese for me)
To Do: Soak Waffle Batter

Sunday - Dinner out - Goodbye party for friends who are moving.

This is part of Menu Plan Monday with Org Junkie. Find other menu plans there!

So that's the week. This week there is so much to do, painting, packing, moving, unpacking. Pray for us: for sanity, for motivation, for sanity, for strength, for sanity, and for good sleep every night.

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